Summer 2017 Rewind

Shocker. Another post about New York City. As summer comes to a close and classes begin again, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the wildest, most rewarding summer of my entire life. It’s no secret that I spent the summer pounding the pavement in New York City. Everyone who knows me knows NYC is pretty much the only thing I can talk about, so I figured I may as well dedicate a final, semi-detailed post to my journey. I wanted to highlight my own personal growth as well as some of the things I loved about the city. Without further adieu, let’s rewind!

The Journey

My move to NYC was a whirlwind. Within three weeks I got an internship, subleased my place in Atlanta, found a place in Brooklyn, packed, and bought a plane ticket. I was almost certain that it wasn’t going to work out. For those of you who don’t know, I spent the summer interning in the Mayor’s Office. Holla at Bill De Blasio for the kick-ass summer.

In all honesty, this summer was so much more than a change of location. This summer was more than going to trendy restaurants and shopping in SoHo. It was more than wild nights out and sweet Instagram pictures. These two short months marked a change in my life course and helped me grow in so many ways. Through the people I met and the job I was doing, I developed a clearer idea of what I want to do with my life. With that, I found myself growing to be more confident in and excited about pretty much everything. I discovered a new drive and passion for life and making a difference that I’m not sure I could have found if I had gone anywhere else. There’s something about this city that energizes you and fills you with this desire to go out and achieve greatness. It’s so inspiring.

These are pictures of some of the buildings I worked in and around in FiDi.

The Places

As far as housing goes, I got super lucky and ended up crashing on an air mattress on my high school friend’s floor in Dumbo. I think social media had everyone believing that I was living a life of luxury but I definitely got the poor New York college kid experience. There was a two week stretch where I had ramen pretty much every day and I genuinely thought I might starve to death.

I explored a lot of Manhattan and Brooklyn the summer. I really regret not taking more time to explore the outer boroughs but I guess that’s all the more reason to move back. I worked in City Hall/Financial District, about a 10 minute walk from Wall Street, so I got to explore a lot of this area. In the short two months I spent here, I compiled a list of 50+ places/restaurants that I either loved or wanted to check out (hmu if you want to see a copy). I’m going to miss a lot of places including Takahachi, this cute Japanese bakery right around the corner from my office. I also want to give a special shout out to my absolute favorite bubble tea place in the world, Gong Cha. Honestly, I think I mostly ate Korean and Chinese food this summer so I spent a ton of time in Koreatown. If you ever find yourself on 32nd street, please check out BCD Tofu House. I swear I ate there like once a week.

I took a few of the photos found below at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is my absolute favorite spot in the entire city. I’m not sure why, but there’s something about the city lights and the way the lights reflect off the water that is so calming. I spent my final night here just watching and thinking.

View from the Brooklyn Bridge.

City lights in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

I thought this was cute.

The People

I think the most memorable part of this summer was definitely the people I met. Before I got to the city I was terrified that I wouldn’t have any friends or be able to make any, but boy was I wrong.  Somehow I managed to make more friends in NYC than I have in Atlanta. I met so many diverse and unique people. Everyone I met was so special. This city has such a wild collection of people, it’s mind-boggling. Some of my new friends were artists and dancers and models and others were engineers and lawyers. My first weekend out, I made a group of six friends and in true NY fashion, each one was more unique than the last (we dubbed ourselves “The Breakfast Club”).

I want to give a special shout out to the other interns in my office, Amanda and Malik. These two are some of the most driven and accomplished people I have ever met in my entire life. Every day I was inspired by their aspirations and ambition. The three of us were such a squad this summer. I always hear of internship horror stories where none of the interns get along but we were literally like family by the end of the summer. From the nights at Gracie Mansion to impromptu shopping trips, we experienced so much together and they genuinely helped me grow into a better and more confident individual. We all go to schools in different states, but I can definitely say that they are forever friends.

The End

Now that my summer in NYC has been forever immortalized on the internet, I can close this chapter and look ahead to the next step in front of me. I’m so excited about everything that’s coming up and I know there is so much yet to come.

Until next time,


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