Exploring Downtown

The weather in the city has honestly been very shitty lately. It’s rained almost every day this past week and temperatures have finally dropped below 90 degrees for the first time in what feels like forever. I honestly haven’t wanted to put on makeup and put effort into my appearance with all the rain, but I really wanted to post this week. Instead of staying indoors, I dragged myself from my apartment and did a little exploring.

We started uptown in the Flatiron District, and yes, I was definitely acting like a tourist taking pics with my DSLR around my neck. My roommate took me to South Ferry and Bridgefield Park, which is really close to the Financial District and Wall St. I think the area is basically where everyone docks their boats and yachts. They actually filmed a scene from Wolf of Wall Street here! There’s a ton of upscale stores that I can’t afford at all, but it’s such a cute area; I’ll definitely be taking photos here in the future. We sat for like an hour and a half and watched the sunset on the dock and honestly there’s nothing like a city sunset. Sometimes I look around and forget how lucky I am to live in such an amazing and beautiful place.

I wanted to make a short post for the past week. I’m aiming for a new look this weekend. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


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